Marti Rogers

Songs of Yesterday and Long Ago





& with

Tom Levy on Bass


Accompanying herself on the guitar, the Appalachian lap dulcimer, or the Autoharp, Marti Rogers sings a wide variety of songs in the folk genre from traditional ballads to songwriters of the sixties, including just a few originals.In her strong, clear voice, she weaves a spell taking us back to simpler times when people sat on back porches, or around the hearth making their own music.

Tom and Marti make great "Country Folk"/"Americana Roots" music together. Tom's rhythmic bass fiddle blends well with Marti's skillful flat picking on the guitar. Marti's virtuoso Autoharp shines on old - time mountain songs, or tunes from the early 1900 when it first came into vogue.From chanteys of the British Seaports to songs of the Old West their performances encompass a range of style and locale.








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