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The CD is produced and mixed quite well....reminds me
quite a bit of Mother Maybelle and the Carter Family.


Marti is an accomplished musician ... a recording star of considerable merit.... "Plain And Fancy" displays her melodic singing voice, and her song writing ability.


Bill Melody, Country Music Hall, WBCB 1490 AM

Author of When Country Was Gold In The Delaware Valley© 2007



Lovely selection of songs! Itís been a long time since I heard Barbara Allen; certainly sung so beautifully! ... In Piney Hill I can see the view from the hill....

-- Nick Campling, inventor of the G7th capo



I really loved Lucid, and was playing my version of it for some folks in Boston last week who loved it.

-- Kevin Roth, artist, dulcimer virtuoso, singer/songwriter




Rogers gives new life to old standards like "Barbara Allen," "Shady Grove," ....

-- Mary DesRosiers "Sing Out! The Folk Song Magazine"




Plain & Fancy's pleasures will find their way to you....Rogers ... has gathered up some standards ... such as "Barbara Allen," "Shady Grove," "Johnny, I Hardly Knew You," "Fair & Tender Maidens" and the like, then scattered them amid a few of her own compositions (notably the striking "Lucid, the Rambler").... Her approach is the mostly unadorned one that you may remember from records on Sandy and Caroline Paton's Folk-Legacy label: spare, entirely acoustic, sweet-voiced, deeply experiment-averse.... You don't hear that sort of thing much these days....¬The resulting sound is living-room ambient, coming at one -- one has the impression -- from never more than five or 10 paces away. Homey and intimate, in other words, comfortable as an old, faded flannel shirt, a much-occupied couch or a beloved book you return to every few years."

-- Jerome Clark, Rambles.NET 




 Dear Tom, Iíve been enjoying the Marti Rogers CD. I note your participation on the recording: also the printed matter is very well written.


Thanks, George A Tice

(fine art photographer)



 We have enjoyed your wonderful recording very much.When we play it yet again we stop everything and just listen and enjoy!Martiís sweet voice and distinct enunciation makes it so special. We enjoy also the autoharp, the lap dulcimer and the guitar.

I find myself humming the music the next day.


The late Dr. Ida C. Schmit

(who was still in practice at the age of 90!)



Just finishing up my first full listen. Spare, clean, clear, pure and very personal spiritual quality. The listener feels like the songs are being played expressly for and to them.



Peaceful. Soothing. Calming. If you pay attention you get pulled in. Like reading or listening to a radio show.


Dejavu. The other time and other place that calls us all back.


Great Job !!


-- Will See, Singer / Songwriter 



- am enjoying your music immensely

- there were one or two on there that I had been hankering to learn

- very smooth & fun listening


Good Job !

-- Lora Lehmann, Musician 




I've been enjoying your CD this week, and my wife Debbie has enjoyed it as well. My favorite is Gold Doubloon, which I remembered hearing you do up in Princeton...a great song.

-- Steve Quelet, Singer / Songwriter



Hi Marti
We really enjoyed your concert Sunday. You have a terrific voice that is very haunting. I listened to your CD on the way in and although I did not get through the whole thing yet, I did skip to your original songs, which I thought were quite good, especially ... "Piney Hill," which is
lovely. Plus, I think your rendition of "Pretty Saro" is the best I have heard ( I played that one several times).Tom was terrific on the bass and he is such a hoot with his sense of humor!




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