Marti Rogers Lessons and Workshops

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Marti is available to teach autoharp and lap dulcimer for all ages, at any level. She has been giving lessons since 1967 and loves to teach.  Marti tailors her approach to each student’s ability, style, goals and taste.

Located in Abington in Eastern Pennsylvania just 4 miles from the Willow Grove exit of the turnpike or 3 miles from the Ft Washington exit.

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Dulcimer Presentations & Workshops


Marti Rogers has been playing Appalachian Lap Dulcimer since 1965 having had the pleasure of learning from Michael J Cohen, and attending concerts by Paul Clayton and Jean Ritchie.    Marti soon became one of the few people to offer autoharp and dulcimer lessons in the urban northeast.  Her enthusiasm, love for the instruments, and student-friendly style make her workshops truly both instructive and entertaining.


Marti was the Lap Dulcimer Artist in Residence at Bridle Path Elementary School in Spring 2008. 



Autoharp Workshops



Marti Rogers has been playing autoharp since 1966, unless you count the year in third grade when she first had her hands on one.   Already performing on the guitar and lap dulcimer, she developed her autoharp skills by observing other players, picking up tips from them, watching, listening to and reading as much as she could find.  


“Harp History for Everyone”


Based on the zither, the Autoharp is an instrument that is both new and old.  The history of the autoharp is also a view into popular American culture of the last century.  This presentation covers it’s early invention in the mid-1880s, development and marketing in the 1900s, and the colorful performers who helped spread it’s popularity and create their own various musical styles of playing.



“This is an Autoharp” Beginner or Pre-beginner Level


Introduces the new Autoharp owner or future owner to the basics for getting started.   Discusses autoharp history and the different types of autoharps available.  Demonstrates how to tune – with 36 or 37 strings a very important consideration – how to navigate the chord bars, and simple strumming techniques.


“Getting to Know Your Harp” Intermediate Level


Will help people who already play to develop new styles and gain a deeper familiarity with the instrument.  Fills in background information which is often unknown to the casual player, demonstrates more elaborate strumming patterns and introduces melody picking.


“Master Class” Advanced Level


Offers the average player techniques to develop more depth, and looks at ways to polish and spice up their performances.    Elaborates on playing melody and augments rhythmic accompaniments.


For more information or to schedule a workshop or lessons contact Marti Rogers

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